What We Know About the Storyline of GTA 6

With Grand Theft Auto 6 still in development, details about the storyline of GTA 6 remain scarce. However, leaks and the recent trailer have provided some clues about what players can expect from the highly anticipated game’s narrative.

Storyline of GTA 6

Two Protagonists

The trailer introduces us to the two protagonists that will be at the center of the storyline of GTA 6 – Jason and Lucia. As a male and female protagonist, it seems players will be able to alternate between the two to experience the plot from different perspectives.

Setting of Vice City

GTA 6 will be set in a redesigned version of Vice City, taking players back to the iconic locale first featured in GTA Vice City. The city’s atmosphere of crime and corruption will no doubt play a key role in shaping the narrative events.

Criminals on the Rise

Like Franklin’s storyline in GTA 5, it appears the storyline of GTA 6 will follow Jason and Lucia’s journey from small-time crooks to major players in Vice City’s criminal underworld. The trailer hints at their rising influence and status over time.

A Love Story Angle

The close bond shown between Jason and Lucia in the trailer has led many to speculate their relationship will add a “Bonnie and Clyde” style love story element to the overall narrative of GTA 6. How this dynamic plays out could offer an interesting twist.

Times of Turmoil

Scenes of riots and unrest in Vice City indicate the city will be experiencing a period of upheaval during the events of the storyline. This volatile setting may factor heavily into narrative missions and cutscenes.

In conclusion, by analyzing the trailer and piecing together leaks, we can make some educated guesses about what direction the storyline of GTA 6 may take. However, only time will tell how accurate these predictions prove to be – players will have to wait for the official release to experience the full narrative Rockstar has in store.


When is the storyline of GTA 6 set?

While not confirmed, most speculation puts the timeline in the 1980s to match the Vice City setting.

Will story DLC expand the narrative?

It’s possible, as GTA 5 received story-driven expansions. However, nothing has been announced for GTA 6’s post-launch storyline content yet.

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